Our micro distillery is located in Fort Collins, Colorado, at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains from where we get our pristine alpine water. We use four small hand-crafted American made copper pot stills. We have over 50 different still configuration options. We ferment our batches for up to 3 weeks to allow maximum flavor profile. Our slow distillation process increases reflux and our smaller cuts offers a much smoother spirit. Only the finest American & European oak casks are used to age our premium craft spirits. We also use up to 9 other types of woods for maturation. We are one of the few distilleries in the world to operate this way and are at the forefront of distillation and maturation process. We’re also one of the micro distillery which produces the most types of spirits in the world today. All of our spirits are masterfully crafted by renowned industry experts for your enjoyment. As always, please indulge responsibly.

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Socially Responsible Operations

We at NOCO Distillery believe in doing business that benefits not only us but the rest of the community as well.  

We outsource what processes we can to other local companies. For instance, we contract our wash to local breweries and complete the fermentation in our distillery. This is not only efficient but also produces more work for the local community.

As much as possible, we also source raw materials from local producers. Much of the botanicals and fruits we use in our craft spirits are produced right here in Colorado. This does not only reduce our operation's carbon footprint; locally sourcing raw materials means a shorter distance to travel and thus lesser fuel consumption. This also maximizes our positive impact on the local economy. Buying local increases the income of local producers. This, in turn, provides locals with more work opportunities, directly or indirectly increases' locals' spending power (which boosts the local economy even more), and increases the government's tax earnings. The Colorado proud way.

We also believe doing business and protecting the environment need not be mutually exclusive. Thus, we try to reduce our operation's impact on the environment. We recycle or reuse most of everything we use in crafting our premium spirits. We also strive to be energy efficient; for instance, we use heat exchangers so that we can preheat succeeding batches. This reduces our overall energy consumption by almost 33%. We also use a close circuit cooling system with water reclaimed from our Reverse Osmosis system.

Finally, we strive to use organic and/or Non-GMO raw materials when possible. This of course depends on availability from our suppliers and will be indicated on our bottles.