NOCO Distillery's in-house experts strive for perfection for they must produce only craft spirits that deserve their name. And we are glad to say that our whiskeys, gins, rums, vodka and Brandy (Eau-de-Vie) are deserving of such honor. We currently produce over 20 different spirits.


We distill our whiskeys in small batches. They are aged in new or used 5, 10 or 15 gallon American oak barrels. We produce traditional American whiskey, single malt whiskey, blended whiskey, Bourbon whiskey, rye whiskey, peated whiskey and a new make (moonshine) called Trailershine™. 

Our gins are made differently from the traditional way. We distill each ingredient separately. Then we blend. This way, we consistently get the perfect gin every time. We say or Gins with an "s" because we offer 2 different styles of Gin to choose from. London Dry & our NOCO Saffron Gin.

Our rums are made from a variation of sugar cane and molasses. Our brown rums are aged in the very same 5-gallon oak casks previously used to age our whiskeys. We also produce an organic version.

Vodka (Organic)
We produce vodkas. A Premium & Super Premium Vodka. Our “house” vodka is distilled at least 5 times and filtered through custom filtration tubes. To ensure its purity, our Super Premium Vodka which is distilled a minimum of 7 times, travels an equivalent‎ of 1 mile or 1.6km during this repeat filtration process and is bottled at 55% ABV (110 Proof).
We also produce a Summer & Winter Black Truffle Vodka as well as a White Truffle (Alba) Vodka limited to 100 bottles per year.

Brandy - Eau-de-Vie
We offer apple, grape eaux-de-vie as well as barrel aged brandies. Thanks to our smaller stills we can easily produce micro batches.

We produce once a year a "Bleue", the original style absinthe from an 4th generation family recipe. Clear in color, it turns whitish blue when water is added to it where it gets its name "La Bleue" from.

Blue Agave
We will produce occasionally 100% Blue Agave Spirit. A Blanco (clear) as well as a Reposado and Añejo.
We also produce a 50% Blue Agave & 50% Cane Spirit. A Blanco (clear) as well as a Reposado and Añejo.

We produce once a year Aquavit, made from 100% Organic Wheat neutral grain spirit and aged for up to a year in small 5 gal ex bourbon barrels.

Orange Liquor
We produce a clear & barrel aged Orange Liquor as well.